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Guidelines and Actions Elections 2017

Le Vrai changement pour Montréal is a Montreal-based political party headed by Justine McIntyre since January 2016. The party will not run a candidate for Mayor during the November 2017 elections, and will focus instead on coordinating local teams and actions in the boroughs. This does not affect our vision and our guidelines.

In light of the upcoming municipal elections on November 5th, here are our guidelines for the city of Montreal.

Objective: Happiness

A municipal government’s most fundamental goal is to ensure the wellbeing of its citizens, by providing functional services and adequately planned projects.

Here is a list of the elements that contribute to the wellbeing of citizens:

  • Being able to afford shelter, to feed themselves and travel within the city
  • Feeling safe
  • Having access to an interesting and diversified labor market
  • Enjoying pleasant public spaces and municipal services
  • Developing a sense of belonging to the community and the city

A few of the challenges the city is currently facing:

  • Adapting to climate change and preparing for a future where an increasing amount of fluctuations and major weather events will occur
  • Preventing and to reacting to potential crisis situations (floods, ice storms, terrorism)
  • Maintaining and fostering good relations between residents, the city and law enforcement agencies (avoiding racial and social profiling)
  • Ensuring strong and durable economic and demographic growth
  • Pursuing the fight against the fragmentation or even the radicalization of society, and to ensure justice, inclusiveness and solidarity


Instead of reacting to issues after they occur, the city should be more proactive.

Here are the three main guidelines on which measures should be based:

1. Respect

  • The Vrai Changement pour Montréal commits to providing accountable budget management, with detailed tracking of expenses and revenue, which will be available to all
  • The Vrai Changement pour Montréal commits to the proper management of work projects, and to co-ordination and planning aimed at minimizing drawbacks for the citizens and the economic life of the city
  • The Vrai Changement pour Montréal commits to ensuring projects in the city and in the boroughs meet the true needs of Montrealers, and to developing these projects in partnership with citizens through upstream public consultations and co-creation workshops
  • The Vrai Changement pour Montréal commits to empowering and promoting the talents, skills and citizen knowledge of Montrealers, a source from which the city should draw more often, for the greater benefit of municipal projects

2. The community

  • The Vrai Changement pour Montréal commits to local governance that allows for actions to match real needs expressed by the population
  • The Vrai Changement pour Montréal will work on improving citizen services, so the city can become a hub for information and support. To offer citizens better support in their endeavors with the city
  • The Vrai Changement pour Montréal will facilitate dialog and information sharing between the city, community groups and citizens, to provide services more efficiently to the public
  • The Vrai Changement pour Montréal commits to implementing a truly participatory democracy during the development of new projects, and to follow suite on the recommendations that emerge from public consultations

3. The environment

  • Clean Montreal – Keeping parks and public places clean, keeping roads in good condition and making sure public buildings and public transit are clean and efficient
  • Green Montreal – Adding greenery for the physical and psychological benefit of Montrealers, and preserving existing green spaces
  • Blue Montreal – Increasing access to the river and its banks; maintaining the cleanliness of the water and creating rest areas, for aquatic sports and swimming around the island
  • Nordic Montreal – The city must be beautiful 12 months per year; recognizing our northern identity, promoting it, and ensuring the city is accessible and comfortable year round
  • Diverse Montreal – The plurality and the creativity of our people must be reflected in the diversity of our public institutions public places, and through the unique footprint that they leave on our neighborhoods


Here is the list of our top ten actions for Montreal, by response category:


  • Coordinating roadworks more efficiently to minimize traffic hindrances
  • Reducing our dependency on cars by improving access, frequency and the extent of the transit network (bus, subway, commuter trains, REM)
  • Relying increasingly on active transport, focusing on security, network connectivity and the user friendliness of the riding experience
  • Prioritizing the completion of the planned subway extension (Blue line, Orange line)

  • ACTION #1: Increasing frequency on poorly served bus lines to reduce wait times
  • ACTION #2: Planning a downtown bus circuit for above ground travel along a route determined by ridership and attractions (business district, cultural sites, shopping, tourist attractions)
  • ACTION #3: Linking bike paths to form a complete circuit that is safe


  • Planning urban development based on risks involved with climate change, including: improving our resiliency and our resistance to floods, heavy rains, and freezing rain
  • Replacing cars with people in the planning of urban development, and based on the real or desired usage of the space
  • To garnish the urban landscape focusing on functionality, interest and accessibility
  • Giving Montreal an exclusive signature that blends heritage (the past) and audacity (the future)

  • ACTION #4: Summoning all residents of neighborhoods affected by the REM to a consultation on the impact the project will have on the development of neighborhoods
  • ACTION #5: Preserving and acquiring wetlands and riverside land to transform them into parks or natural protected areas that can act as buffer zones during spring flooding or heavy rains

Economic or cultural development

  • Underscoring Montreal’s unique position and branding as a French city of the Americas, as an innovator and as a smart city
  • Supporting the retail sector during the transition to new consumption patterns, by promoting diversification, mixed use, temporary use and innovative uses
  • Developing exclusive sectors in which Montreal has developed a specific expertise: electrification of transit, fashion, animation, AI, aviation and others

  • ACTION #6: Making a log of vacant office space/available hours in public buildings and making them available to the public, depending on which projects are presented and selected


  • Providing a housing inventory that is suitable for all ages, for all family units and for all income levels
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of homes by applying municipal regulations
  • Reducing urban sprawl by focusing on development close to public transit routes and by creating pleasant living environments that will meet the various needs of residents of all ages and all incomes

  • ACTION #7: Increasing population density in a radius of 1km around transport hubs (subways, stations, bus terminals)

Smart city

  • Supporting residents and merchants in projects that involve the city (and that require a permit application), to ensure compliance with regulations and to avoid a punitive approach
  • Modernizing interactions between citizens and the city: web site, social networks and applications. Making relevant information easily accessible: tax bills, permit applications, subscription to local activities, remodeling of the 311 system to allow for faster and more efficient handling and tracking

  • ACTION #8: Streamlining the bureaucratic system by simplifying regulations and reducing the number of rule
  • ACTION #9: Facilitating access to municipal budgets and expenditures, by project and by service

Transparent and democratic governance for all

  • Setting aside partisanship and parliamentary procedures to allow for the best ideas to stem from any one of us, by allowing talents and skills to benefit citizens, instead of having pointless debates
  • Empowering counsellors to improve collaboration between members of the council, regardless of which party they belong to
  • Limiting the power of the executive board and creating work groups for different issues
  • Upstream consultation with citizens concerning projects, instead of waiting for everything to be already decided with the developers
  • Developing better relations between the city of Montreal and linked cities (reconstituted municipalities)
  • Have fewer elected representatives

  • ACTION #10: Implementing participatory budgets in the boroughs where the Vrai changement pour Montréal will receive a majority

Local action

You will find below our local plateforms.

Borough : Lachine

Vrai changement pour Montréal - Équipe Bernard Blanchet à Lachine
#Changement #Expérience #Intégrité

We believe that Lachine is ripe for real change and that we have the team to get us there. We want to give citizens a taste for going outside, for moving about, for investing here and for enjoying all the facilities and activities that we will choose together.

Our approach starts from the citizen upwards. We will consult and act with leadership and experience. Our ideas are inspired by the values that each of our candidates embodies: listening, action, integrity.

As soon as we come to power, we will organize a consultative forum with citizens and all of the Borough’s partners, to identify priorities and avenues for action in the short, medium and long term. Our actions will be concrete, coordinated, prompt and thoughtful – with the aim of improving services to citizens and improving their quality of life.

Our proposals:

  • More accessible citizen services and transparent communication;
  • Efficient, safe and reliable transportation solutions that are not purely based on automobile transportation;
  • Safe streets and community programs to restore public confidence;
  • Positions for economic and community responsibility for the Saint-Pierre District and Notre-Dame Street;
  • Measures to stimulate business and to develop the local economy;
  • An intergenerational approach that responds to the needs and interests of citizens - including appropriate and adapted sports and leisure equipment for all ages and abilities;
  • Family-oriented activities, including a Children's House that will provide stimulating activities;
  • Quality infrastructure, maintained, monitored and repaired by Lachine employees;
  • Urban planning on a human scale, taking into account the environment and sustainable development;
  • Transparency in financial decisions and sound management of public funds.

Our major projects:

  • Lachine-East: A sustainable and ecological community, gateway to Old Lachine and a new employment hub;
  • Lachine Blue: Enhancement of our magnificent lakefront and our pools, both for competition and recreational swimming;
  • Saint-Pierre: The means to support community and economic development and to strongly reconnect with the surroundings.

Borough : L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève

The Vrai changement pour Montréal, Team Côté in L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève, wishes to focus on three fundamental points: community, family and environment. The goal is to be a team close for all the citizens and present on the field. The candidates want to cultivate their initial involvement in the community, using the election as a stepping stone to do more.

In this regard, the Vrai changement pour Montréal at L'Île-Bizard-Sainte-Geneviève wants to put forward :

  • The optimization of the service to citizens (snow removal, summer/winter maintenance, roads, response time);
  • The participation in meetings with the city's administration, in order to optimize our fair share of the funds available to the boroughs;
  • To complete the 4-lane bridge construction project while maintaining the current bridge for cyclists and pedestrians, while including a lane for emergency vehicles;
  • The protection of our natural heritage (nature park, agricultural, wetlands, forests ...);
  • Achieving humanized landscape status for our agricultural sector;
  • The development of a safe and attractive cycling track for the public;
  • To provide our borough with an indoor pool in collaboration with the Collège Gérald-Godin;
  • The set up of a marina (kayaks, canoes) in Sainte-Geneviève for the community;
  • To create community support networks (young mothers, permanent volunteer emergency unit, astronomy club, seniors ...).

Borough : Pierrefonds-Roxboro

The Vrai changement pour Montréal, Team McIntyre in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, is the local team that will meet the needs of the citizens of the borough and will not be a satellite of a Montreal team, for which the mayor will make all the decisions.

With this in mind, the Vrai changement pour Montréal in Pierrefonds-Roxboro wants to put forward:

  • A local team created for local governance, in order to respond more adequately to the needs of the citizens.
  • A better planning management in case of floods, to avoid replicating the nebulous organization during the floods of spring 2017. Citizens rely on their institutions to help and guide them in the process.
  • That the green spaces be protected, in particular that of the nature park of l'Anse-à-l'Orme.
  • Support to community pools.
  • The revitalisation of the Sunnybrooke and Roxboro stations.