Justine McIntyre

Justine McIntyre

On December 23rd 2015, Justine McIntyre received the nomination of the Vrai changement pour Montréal caucus and is the party’s current leader. She was elected City Councillor in the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro under the Vrai changement pour Montréal banner in the Montreal municipal elections of November 2013.

A graduate of McGill University (BA, Music), Justine McIntyre also holds a certificate in Arts Management from the University of Washington. Mrs. McIntyre has taught and played music extensively, as well as founding the music program “La Souris Verte”. Before embarking on her political career, she worked in sales with a multinational industrial corporation and later held a communications position for Dans la rue, a Montreal foundation caring for homeless youth.

Mother of three children and an active community member, Justine McIntyre coached girls’ recreational teams for Pierrefonds Soccer Association from 2011-2016. Since August 2016, she has served on the board of directors of Overture With the Arts, which offers free music, theater, dance lessons and workshops to disadvantaged youth.

In addition to her duties as City Councillor and party leader, Justine McIntyre is a member of both the Finance and Administration Commission and the Social Development and Diversity Commission for the City of Montréal.