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Elias Bitar

Elias Bitar

Candidate for Borough Councillor

District Norman-McLaren

Elias Bitar is running in Ville Saint-Laurent to improve the services offered to citizens. He considers that it is time to listen to them, in order to respond in the most appropriate way to their needs.

Elias Bitar graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Politics, and later turned to a career in real estate as a broker, for residential and commercial property. He also worked in the taxi industry, as a driver and owner, which enabled him to get to know the industry and the challenges of transportation in Montreal.

Laurentian for many years, married and father of three children, Elias Bitar wishes to leave a prosperous environment for his children and future generations. In particular, he wants to develop the public transport sector by adding new routes; but also to improve the quality and safety of the streets, on the issues of potholes and snow removal.