Boroughs: Lachine

Vrai changement pour Montréal - Équipe Bernard Blanchet à Lachine
#Change #Experience #Integrity

We believe that Lachine is ripe for real change and that we have the team to get us there. We want to give citizens a taste for going outside, for moving about, for investing here and for enjoying all the facilities and activities that we will choose together.

Our approach starts from the citizen upwards. We will consult and act with leadership and experience. Our ideas are inspired by the values that each of our candidates embodies: listening, action, integrity.

As soon as we come to power, we will organize a consultative forum with citizens and all of the Borough’s partners, to identify priorities and avenues for action in the short, medium and long term. Our actions will be concrete, coordinated, prompt and thoughtful – with the aim of improving services to citizens and improving their quality of life.

Our proposals:

  • More accessible citizen services and transparent communication;
  • Efficient, safe and reliable transportation solutions that are not purely based on automobile transportation;
  • Safe streets and community programs to restore public confidence;
  • Positions for economic and community responsibility for the Saint-Pierre District and Notre-Dame Street;
  • Measures to stimulate business and to develop the local economy;
  • An intergenerational approach that responds to the needs and interests of citizens - including appropriate and adapted sports and leisure equipment for all ages and abilities;
  • Family-oriented activities, including a Children's House that will provide stimulating activities;
  • Quality infrastructure, maintained, monitored and repaired by Lachine employees;
  • Urban planning on a human scale, taking into account the environment and sustainable development;
  • Transparency in financial decisions and sound management of public funds.

Our major projects:

  • Lachine-East: A sustainable and ecological community, gateway to Old Lachine and a new employment hub;
  • Lachine Blue: Enhancement of our magnificent lakefront and our pools, both for competition and recreational swimming;
  • Saint-Pierre: The means to support community and economic development and to strongly reconnect with the surroundings.

Nos candidats

Bernard Blanchet

Bernard Blanchet

Candidate for Borough Mayor of Lachine

Above all, Bernard Blanchet wants to be a mayor who can listen to his fellow constituents, to meet their needs and to find solutions to make Lachine a dynamic, modern and environmentally conscious borough.

Bernard Blanchet ran a business for twenty years before jumping into politics for the first time in 1993, first elected as a municipal councillor in Lachine, and then as a borough councillor following the 2001 mergers. For the past three years, Mr. Blanchet has served as the Director General of the Montreal Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

An active member of his community, Bernard Blanchet is a unifying man, a natural leader and a team player who has the ability to fully understand the stakes of a case and to create solutions. His track record includes the construction of more than 3500 housing units in Lachine, the creation of the Regroupement de Lachine, which hosts organizations in the heart of Notre-Dame Street, and the launch of Marché Saint-Pierre, a social economy model. Bernard Blanchet also co-chaired the organization of the Jeux du Québec in 2001 in Lachine and served 10 years on the administrative council. of the STM.

Marc Hétu

Marc Hétu

Candidate for Borough Councillor, District du Canal

Son of the former Mayor of Lachine, Jean-Marc Hétu, Marc Hétu wishes to improve the quality of life in Lachine and to further several files that are close to his heart, including support to groups that work to counter school drop-outs and the environment. Marc works with organizations such as the Macroecology Applied Research Group (GRAME) and participates in public safety solutions in the neighbourhood.

The father of a 14-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy, Marc has taught mathematics for over 20 years. He is from a family who settled in the borough of Lachine over a hundred years, and he chose to raise his children in Lachine.

Marc Hétu is known for his involvement in the community and his ability to mobilize people. He is a founding member of the CQV (Citizens for a Quality of Life) group, which aims to provide residents with peace of mind in the face of the threat of aircraft passing over the borough of Lachine, and has been a volunteer coach for several years in both soccer and hockey.

Christian Lejeune

Christian Lejeune

Candidate for Borough Councillor, District de J.-Émery-Provost

Christian Lejeune wants to use his experience to help the fellow citizens of Lachine and work to benefit the community with all the discipline and integrity that characterize him.

A financial analyst with the Canada Revenue Agency for 16 years, Christian Lejeune has a vast experience as a director, serving on the board of directors of various organizations in Lachine and at the Huntington Society of Quebec.

Having lived in Lachine since childhood, Christian’s wife and six children are a vital part of his life . He has long been involved in the Lachine sports community, including as a baseball coach at the Amateur Baseball Association of Lachine since 2009 and as organizer of the Fêtes de Lachine Softball Tournament since 2006.

Stéphanie Poitras

Stéphanie Poitras

Candidate for Borough Councillor, District du Fort-Rolland

Daughter of the first woman elected to the municipal council of Lachine, Stéphanie if following in her mother’s footsteps. Politics has always been part of her life, having taken part in various activities and events with her mother Jane Cowell-Poitras, who worked at the City Hall for twenty-five years.

Stéphanie Poitras is currently a retail manager at Lenscrafters while completing her degree as a paralegal at O'Sullivan College.

A volunteer since childhood, Stéphanie has been involved in fundraising and collecting used eyeglasses in conjunction with CLSCs, schools and community organizations to help low-income, refugees and the homeless. In particular, it wishes to offer closer proximity to citizens through the setting up of community meetings.

Elizabeth Verge

Elizabeth Verge

Candidate for City Councillor

Elizabeth embodies the very spirit of citizen democracy and wants to create even more bridges between the citizens of her community for better living together and measures to promote sustainable development and healthy eating.

Elizabeth Verge has been a pharmacist for more than 40 years in Ville Saint-Pierre. She was also a Clinical Associate at the University of Montreal's Faculty of Pharmacy from 1998 to 2012. Her dedication to the community has resulted in numerous awards: Pharmacienne de Coeur et d’action by L'Actualité Pharmaceutique magazine and the Pharmexcellence prize of the best pharmacist employee of Uniprix in Quebec in 2004.

Always involved in the community life of the neighbourhood, she founded and became supervisor for an activity club for girls (1988 to 2000). She has been a member of the Saint-Pierre Integrated Urban Revitalization Committee (CRUISP) since 2004, and served as its president from 2010 to 2016. She has been a member of several committees in Lachine since 2009.