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Justine McIntyre presents the Vrai changement pour Montréal team in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Montreal, Thursday, September 7, 2017 – The leader of Vrai changement pour Montréal and candidate for the mayoral office in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, Justine McIntyre, was pleased to announce today the team members who will represent the party in Pierrefonds-Roxboro. She held a press conference along with borough councillor Roger Trottier, who is running for a second term as borough councillor under the Vrai changement pour Montréal banner in the Bois-de-Liesse district, as well as Manuela de Paoli, candidate for city councillor in the Cap-Saint-Jacques district; Domenic Pavone, candidate for borough councillor in the Cap-Saint-Jacques district and Eric McCarty, candidate for the position currently held by Mrs. McIntyre, that of city councillor in the Bois-de-Liesse district.

"I am very proud of the team we have assembled in Pierrefonds-Roxboro, a team that demonstrates our commitment to laying the foundations of this party, one brick at a time, by putting forward candidates that are deeply involved in the community and who share our values, focused on democracy and respect for the residents and the environment around us, " said Justine McIntyre.

"Unlike our opponents who spend their energy defending the decisions of Denis Coderre at Montreal City Hall, we have assembled an efficient local team that is wholly dedicated to the best interests of Pierrefonds-Roxboro, "she emphasized.

Justine McIntyre took the opportunity to underline some of the main issues in Pierrefonds-Roxboro defended by Vrai changement pour Montréal, including an updated Crisis plan to counter disasters such as the recent floods that have affected many residents of the borough, tighter control of city spending, and the conservation of the L’Anse-à-l'Orme ecosystem, in an effort to protect this last remaining large green space on the Island of Montreal.

Justine McIntyre
Candidate for Borough Mayor of Pierrefonds-Roxboro

On December 23rd 2015, Justine McIntyre received the nomination of the Vrai changement pour Montréal caucus and is the party’s current leader. She was elected City Councillor in the borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro under the Vrai changement pour Montréal banner in the Montreal municipal elections of November 2013.

A graduate of McGill University (BA, Music), Justine McIntyre also holds a certificate in Arts Management from the University of Washington. Mrs. McIntyre has taught and played music extensively, as well as founding the music program “La Souris Verte”. Before embarking on her political career, she worked in sales with a multinational industrial corporation and later held a communications position for Dans la rue, a Montreal foundation caring for homeless youth.

Mother of three children and an active community member, Justine McIntyre coached girls’ recreational teams for Pierrefonds Soccer Association from 2011-2016. Since August 2016, she has served on the board of directors of Overture With the Arts, which offers free music, theater, dance lessons and workshops to disadvantaged youth.

In addition to her duties as City Councillor and party leader, Justine McIntyre is a member of both the Finance and Administration Commission and the Social Development and Diversity Commission for the City of Montréal.

Eric McCarty
Candidate for City Councillor, District Bois-de-Liesse

A resident of the Pierrefonds-Roxboro borough for over thirty years, Eric McCarty is pleased to be a candidate with Vrai changement pour Montréal and with Justine in particular, because of their shared objective of correcting the current lack of transparency.

Eric McCarty holds a degree in finance from McGill University and has forged a successful career in commercial banking with two chartered banks and a Federal Government lender. Formerly an industrial commissioner for the West Island, Eric is a Senior Finance Manager with McKesson Canada.

Married and the father of three adult children, Eric McCarty has actively volunteered in his community and strongly believes in the importance of maintaining and supporting the community pools network. Eric hopes to undertake several projects once elected, including the implementation of an emergency preparedness plan for the borough, based on the disappointing response of the current administration during the spring flood.

Roger Trottier
Candidate for Borough Councillor, District Bois-de-Liesse

Elected under the Vrai changement pour Montréal banner during the 2013 municipal elections, Roger Trottier has made it his duty not only to defend the interests of citizens, but also to maintain a quality of life and a sense of belonging in the Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro. To pursue this mission, he decided to run for a second term.

Roger Trottier holds a D.E.C. in electricity and worked for twenty-five years for the company Emerson Electric. During the last two years of his career, his responsibility was to manage the after sales service and marketing in the Maritime, as well as in Western Canada and Quebec.

A resident of the borough since 1982, Roger Trottier has been an active volunteer in helping the youth of Pierrefonds-Roxboro. Over the years, he has served as a baseball coach for seven years, Cubs' Chief for four years, and is currently a board member of the West Island Arthritis Society.

Manuela de Paoli
Candidate for City Councillor, District Cap-Saint-Jacques

Manuela de Paoli has been involved in her community for more than a decade. Her involvement in the Vrai changement pour Montréal team in Pierrefonds-Roxboro is motivated by her connections with residents through team sports, and her desire to help borough residents by actively promoting their interests.

A graduate of Concordia University in administrative management, Manuela de Paoli subsequently worked for eighteen years in the service and manufacturing industry. An impeccable work ethic, loyalty, and ownership of responsibilities combined allowed her to provide high value to the organizations she was a part of.

Her devoted and extensive involvement in the Pierrefonds soccer association in responding to the concerns and needs of its 2,200 members, both in the field and in the club’s operations, has shown the value of the service that sports associations provide to thousands of members of the community with the help of volunteers and the borough.

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